A space for poems, random thoughts and writings, maybe the odd short story… I write because I love the beauty of words, but I hope that whatever I put out here speaks for itself and that you take something from it too. 


Stop. Stay here a little while longer. Don’t moveDon’t run Don’t hide Just stop. Don’t try to change what can no longer be changed Don’t try for answers that will only arise In silence. Just stop. Let your heart beat to a rhythm of its choosing Let each breath come without question. Let it come. […]

Nostalgia 1 – The Cage

I’ve recently been looking over some old creative writing I did at school for coursework, and stumbled across one that I did during my GCSEs (when I was 16), and one which I did during AS levels (at 17) which I’ll post at a later date. I may just post some stories from when I […]

2020 Blessing

May your life remain free from shadow, May your soul stay free to soar. May your heart yet see a glimmer Of hope in midst of storm. May you learn to rest in chaos May peace yet mark your days. May Spring embrace your doorstep, And in your household stay. May fear stay far behind […]

The heart stone

There is an old legend, that at the centre of every being, there is a rock. Not an ordinary day pebble but a rock of unique type and worth and colour and shape. The nature of this rock will determine the life of a person; their interests, personality, their voice, their look, their destiny. These […]


Let me tap these deep wells within me Let me feel each drop as it comesLet me sit in silence until the questions arise And give me grace to face them. Let me see with new eyes my darkness Let me not shy away from the truth of my essence Let me gaze with compassion […]


I am not who I am in this moment.I am more than I can see. I am infinity within infinity and infinity within me.  But I know that as a wave belongs to the sea this moment belongs to meand I go this moment;for even this too shall pass.  Infinity gives way to the next and so I become […]

With you

Prayers made sacred by the laughter between as we learn to love in smiles as in tears.  Reminiscent freedom to be and remember, to forget for a blissful second then return, with day’s load lightened.  A burden shared is a burden cared for, if not depleted.But to share it with you my dear;to let you hold me while tears […]


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