A space for poems, random thoughts and writings, maybe the odd short story… I write because I love the beauty of words, but I hope that whatever I put out here speaks for itself and that you take something from it too. 

On the threshold

Stopon this threshold, before you pass through;enter in. Take a moment to live this holy moment. Breathe. Inwards the courageto leave behind the outward breath. You cannot pass through whilst still clinging onto this side of the threshold. Kneelby the stone at your feet;take stock of where you are, of the unknown ahead.Everything shall change; […]


Be brave, be fearless; run!                                          Let your dreams take you furtherthan the horizons you see.Know in your heart that who you areis who you’re meant to be.Have courage enough to love yourselfbecause you deserve to be             Loved                         Cherished And you deserve to knowthat you and your dreams are precious;that you and your dreams […]

Not to the fertile soil

Lead me not to the fertile soil, to the soft, mailable ground. Lead me into the cracked dry earth; to the dark and forgotten places where the ground knows what it is to bestarved, dry, forgottenbroken. Let me know what it is to feel the pain of the broken earth,and let me learn to love the cracks in me.   Let […]

And it shall fall

One by one they all went tumbling down.  One       Two            Three                Four                       …                 Crack           Crack      Crack Crash.  Until the last one looked at […]

Poetic consequences

My friend and I decided to play a game – we each write a line of a poem and pass it to the other, folding it so they can’t see. We go on in this way until the paper is used up. I was expecting the result to be incoherent and bizarre, but they actually […]

Streams of Consciouness

My friend and I decided to do ‘stream of consciousness’ one evening. For anyone that doesn’t know what it is, it is where you sit down and write out whatever comes into your head without stopping to think about it. While my friend wrote a very funny poem about getting old and your teeth falling […]


When I was young I believedthat in the darkest placea magic incantation wouldblow the dark away;light beams piercing throughthe mist, shredding it untilit fades away on a fresh morning breezeleaving me to step intofields of daisies, forgettingthat darkness ever existed. But there came a time when incantation failed; the darkfailed to be illuminated; I failed […]

World beyond

I often gain a sense of peace when I take time to listen to or watch the birds, or to sit with the trees.

In the mystery

Silence hides me;enfolds me in horizon armscradling in windsongas I drink in the afternoon light. The world I see is nothingbut a blanket drapedover hidden potenial realisedto all but eye and mind;a skin, teeming with lifeand a heartbeat throb of its own making. No matter how far I dig, I shall onlyfind another surface.The world […]

Close to me

Be still my heartListen To the melody I will sing for you.Let me whisper of my lovein the stillness of the nightFor I am with you. The melody of your heart fills mewith delightAnd I am glad to be With youIn the quiet of the day Hold fast my loveFor my voice shall echo in […]


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