For the Courageous Ones

Sometimes courage is a breath,
one lungful at a time
to keep a weary heart beating.

Sometimes courage is a breath, 
one lungful at a time 
to keep a weary heart beating. 
Because rest is not death 
but is waiting to be found 
in the moments and moonbeams of beauty.  

Sometime courage is a step, 
one foot in front of the other 
into the tangible darkness ahead. 
Towards the light, hidden at the end of the tunnel 
which beckons purer and brighter 
and will beautify the journey. 

Sometimes courage is a song 
wrung from the depths of an aching soul. 
Drowned in tears yet still the silent notes cry out 
that life is still worth the melody – 
this offering of love in the mystery. 

Sometime courage is a whisper.
A barely breathed secret of pain and of love
hanging fragile in the space between us. 
Uncertain of how you will receive it, 
still I offer it – a tentative gift borne on the air. 

Sometimes courage is sweet surrender
As a long-clenched fist opens in metaphoric significance 
and finds that your hand fits mine.
Trusting that its gentle touch can heal a heart 
and lead this courageous one home. 

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